Center Rehab is pleased to offer something unique to the Milford area: Center Stretch. This is an easy and safe way to feel good and be more flexible. No classes. No weights. No machines. Just stretching. You tell us what's feeling tight and we'll get you feeling good again. A physical therapist will determine which stretches are best and will work with you. You'll also learn effective stretches to do at home. 

Call to get started: 203-882-9384

Your First Visit

  • On your first visit, a licensed Physical Therapist will spend time talking with you about what is tight and any medical issues which might impact your program. We want to be sure this program is right for you.
  • You will be carefully assessed so that we can properly target the muscles and joints that are feeling tight. 
  • Included in your first visit, you will be stretched by your Physical Therapist and instructed in a few stretches to do on your own at home to promote your flexibility.
  • We will schedule more sessions according to your schedule and needs. Each time you visit, your Physical Therapist will work your muscles and joints to become more flexible. We will also expand or modify your home program to maximize your comfort and progress. 
  • A minimum of three sessions are recommended so that we can be sure you are performing your routine properly and getting results. 


Evaluation Session (your first session): $65. This is 45 minutes.

3 Session package: $120. Each visit is 30 minutes.

5 Session package: $200. Each visit is 30 minutes.

Single sessions: $45. Each visit is 30 minutes.