Center Rehab is pleased to offer our highly successful physical therapy concierge program. These are wellness sessions tailored for people who want professional level intervention before something becomes a problem or who want extra attention beyond what their insurance plan will cover. If preventing a problem from starting is important or you are seeking added performance or instruction from a medical professional, this program is for you.




These are intensive sessions where we work on your needs and goals. After a careful assessment, your physical therapist will develop a plan with you. You'll then go forward with your therapist working on what's important to reach your advanced goals. For example, you may want more strength in your back or knee. Are you still weak or not 100% since your orthopedic surgery a year ago? Did your insurance run out? This program is what you need. We'll work with you help you get to that next level.   


How Much


Doctor's orders are not necessary. Insurance is not billed. Sessions expire a year from purchase and are not transferable or refundable. 




5 sessions (one hour) or 10 sessions (30 min)


10 sessions (one hour) or 20 sessions (30 min)


Individual session purchase (60 min)